Who Does SUFY Advocate For?

SUFY advocates for:


When SUFY is approached to do advocacy for a person, SUFY looks at each situation against the following criteria:

The Issue

Whether the issue is about the person’s fundamental needs such as human rights, safety, health, shelter, food and appropriate support to live in the community.

Geographic Area

Whether the person lives in the Brisbane Metropolitan area, Moreton Bay and Redlands regions. Within reason, SUFY will continue advocating for someone where they move outside these areas. If the new location is not within a reasonable distance of the SUFY office, SUFY, where possible, will find an advocate for the person in their new area.

Previous Contact

Whether the person being advocated for has been assisted by SUFY previously.


SUFY has to have sufficient resources to advocate for individuals. SUFY can only advocate within the resources available to them.

What can’t SUFY help with?

Do you need urgent support?

Ask Izzy is a website that connects people who are in crisis with the services they need right now and nearby. Click here to go to the Ask Izzy website.

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