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Who is Speaking Up For You (SUFY)?

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Speaking Up For You Inc. (SUFY) protects and defends vulnerable people with disability through individual advocacy to address injustices and make a positive and sustainable difference to their lives.

SUFY is an independent Individual Social Advocacy Organisation for people with a disability who live in Brisbane, Moreton Bay and Redlands regions.

Individual social advocacy is when the advocacy worker speaks, acts and writes on behalf of another person who is being treated unfairly, unjustly and whose human rights are being denied. The advocate is on the side of a person or people with a disabilities and no one else. They do not have conflicting interests and loyalties. They are separate from service providers and government departments.

The principles of self-advocacy underpins the essence of SUFY’s work as we enable individuals to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to speak up about issues that impact on or influence their lives. We stand beside and with vulnerable people with disability so that they can feel confident their voice is heard. Our advocacy work with individuals is often long term as we work to create positive, real and sustainable differences to each person’s well-being and lifestyle. Our work is informed by the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities and the principles of social advocacy.

SUFY’s Organisational Goals
  • To provide individual advocacy on behalf of vulnerable people with disability whose fundamental needs are not met and/or whose human rights are being denied.
  • To assist some people to advocate on behalf of a vulnerable person with a disability through providing information, advice and strategies.
  • To inform and influence allies and others to bring about systemic change to advance our individual advocacy efforts;
  • To promote the understanding and development of advocacy within SUFY and in the wider community;
  • To operate a principled, effective, accountable and sustainable social advocacy organisation.
SUFY’s Principles
  • Human Rights: SUFY will promote, protect and defend the lives and the human rights of each person with disability whom we support in the advocacy relationship.
  • Social Justice: SUFY will operate in ways that support the achievement of rights, equity, access, participation and equality in our advocacy work with each person.
  • Inclusion in Community Life: SUFY will operate in ways that value and support the inclusion of people with disability in the life of their diverse communities.
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