Join us at the Inclusion Now Rally Queensland

Families and supporters of Queensland students with disability are taking action for inclusive education.

All Queensland students deserve a high-quality inclusive education.

They deserve to be welcomed and supported in their local regular schools, to all learn side by side, without exception.

They deserve fully resourced and quality teaching, and to participate fully in the life of their school.

They deserve to have their human right to an inclusive education upheld, which evidence shows benefits ALL.

This is what the Qld Government promised all students with their 2018 Inclusive Education Policy – but it is far from the current reality for too many students – and Queensland students and families say we need Inclusion NOW!

On Wednesday 26th October, Queensland families and allies will be rallying outside Parliament House and Education House calling on the government, and in particular Minister Grace Grace, to take their own policy and commitment to students with disability seriously.

Join us in asking Grace Grace to act immediately to commit to genuine reform of our education system before another generation of students falls victim to the exclusion, neglect and failures of the current system.


Click on the Event invite if you can join or are interested, to ensure you receive rally event updates.

View and download flyer (PDF)

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